The Taste Experience


LXD Learning Experience Design




Step 1: Purpose

Sally is one of my best friends, but - she only has passion for fast food. I want to show, how easy it is to learn more about tasty food. Cooking can be so easy and so much fun. With fresh and healthy food, I really can feel the boost to my Immunsystem.




Step 2: Person

This is for Sally.
 Passion is not her best friend. So I have to make it easy for her.
But - Sally is very curious and she loves surprises!




Step 3: Generate ideas

The pleasure of raw food: Get your Vitamins and healthy stuff in no time. Some easy ways to learn to love raw Food. 1.Vegetables and Fruits: a) Method dipping …
Vegetables: Cutting tricks for better taste and faster cooking, without losing all minerals and vitamins …
Train your sense of smell „Good smelling things in a Box“ —>Smelling is loving: Open your senses …
The marvelous every day cooking-quick-and-fresh-Soup
Helper for shopping good food: Here is your great every week, shopping list!
Train your sense of taste: The romantic evening with your lover: Experiences with close eye: 1. „…do you know the magic of passions fruit?“
If you need it - you got it: Some tipps and tricks for healthyfood ToGo.
8.  Start now! Scale your cooking skills step by step, from every point in your normal live
9.  Tipp and Tricks to fight fast food: 1.How to swap Chocolate against an apple
10. Come together: „We are creating together awesome and healthy sweets in no time!“





Step 4


The One-Week Programm

Train your senses



Every second Day I deliver one new surprise to Sally:

- Thursday: We meet my preferred gourmet food store and smelling and tasting together …
Saturday: I send her an parcel with some exotic fruits for the weekend with her husband.





Step 5: Prototyp

The first step will be, to wake here curiosity and challenged her interest for new things and new ways. My point is: Hey - try! There is a minimal extra time for you to spend but a colorful bundle of new experiences you can make. In preview I send her some tempting photos of spices, using herbs and easy creating exotic smoothies.


Step 6: Test

Action on Thursday: We meet in my preferred gourmet food store and smelling and tasting together. So I can figure out, what kind of smell and taste she prefer.
This will motivate her, to go further to explore her senses by herself.
After this first expression, she is able to start very easy at home, preparing nice snacks, drinks and smoothies with her preferred spices and herbs.




Step 7: Improve

Now, the experiences of Sallys first field trip must sattle down.
Now she needs some time alone with all her new expressions.
I must be patient and wait. I am sure, she will come up with this issue in her own time.